Vision Of President – 2019-20

On Dear Members,

the outset let me thank our Seniors, Past Presidents and all members to put faith in me to Elect me as President of this esteemed organisation.

On this juncture I promise you all not only to keep up the legacy of the Chamber but also conduct such events which will enhance it.

My vision for the year is to Enhance Knowledge base among members and conduct such events which make not only enhance skill set but also plan events that entertain member and their family.

Will organise some of executive meeting in mofficial areas so that issues of members in that area can be well understood and along with outing for the members. I am aiming at introduction of event of “Tax Clinic” which will help to resolve day today issues arising in day today practice of members. We will be also continuing with regular study circle meeting , seminars and Residential Refresher Course and Workshop on GST . With support of my team I will leave no stone unturned to give my maximum in interest of benefit of members and their family and make year memorable.

I once again thank all the members to keep faith in me.

Pranav M.Shah


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